Executive Committee – International Students’ Officer

Amirmehdi Abyaneh


Master by Coursework
Information Technology


The International Students’ Officer liaises with relevant groups and individuals to identify issues pertaining to international graduate students, and ensures the interests of this cohort are represented at the MGAEC and within the broader university.

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After finishing my undergraduate studies in my home country, I decided to pursue my Master in Data Science at the Faculty of Information Technology in Clayton campus in early 2020. On those very first days, I was looking forward to making new friends which led me to found the Monash Graduate Association. I became a member and started to discover my new life as an international student in Australia. The MGA gave me the chance to work as a volunteer in the past two years which helped me to improve my self-esteem, however, thanks to the advent of the COVID, I lost the chance of making new friends. During this period, the MGA held many different online events and activities which helped me to continue my student life. We faced lots of ups and downs during the past two years, and many international students experienced difficult challenges in their studies. As an International Student Officer, I would like to hear students’ challenges and support them in any different stage of their studies. We need to overcome these problems and build our network while studying at Monash University.

Personal Interests

I am really keen on playing different sports and my favourite one is Tennis, however, I have a strong adventurous personality and like to do daredevil activities.

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