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My research is not progressing the way I want, what are my options?

If your research progress is not going to plan, you may wish to chat with your supervisors to see what recommendations they have.

Avoid attending a milestone if you are not confident you will pass. Failure to meet your milestone standard means that the panel will usually give you a list of recommendations and a period of time (e.g. three months) to update your work in line with the recommendations. If you don’t meet this standard after the time is up, you may be terminated from your enrolment.

Monash also has a maximum amount of time within which you must complete your degree. Failure to complete your research within this time limit can lead to your discontinuation from the course.

If you are concerned about your research progress, an MGA Advocate can advise you of your options. The advocate can help you with applying for a milestone extension, or using leave or intermission to help you manage your time.

My enrolment might be terminated, what can I do?

If your research progress is found to be unsatisfactory and a recommendation is made by your milestone panel to terminate you, the University’s termination procedure will be triggered.

You will be given a chance to respond to the recommendation to further explain what led to your poor progress, and argue why you should be allowed to continue. Some common reasons include:

  • Lack of proper advice and support from your supervision team
  • Poor mental or physical health, illness
  • Unexpected issues or incidents in your family or personal life

MGA Advocates can help you with preparing your response and give you advice on how to navigate this stressful process.

If your initial response is not successful, you can also appeal the decision. An MGA Advocate can also advise and help you regarding this process.

Useful Resources

If you are a higher degree by research candidate (HDR), the MGA recommends that you become familiar with the Masters or Doctoral Handbooks. This includes students pursuing a research masters degree or the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. These handbooks provide an essential guide to all aspects of your candidature at Monash University.

Monash Graduate Research Office (MGRO) is the administrative branch of Monash University responsible for higher research degree students.

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