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The University recognises that sometimes you may be affected by things outside of your control, which means you can’t submit or complete an assessment on time.

In these situations, the special consideration process can help you by giving you an extension, an exam deferral to a later date, or an alternate method of assessment. For an exam, you may have access alternative arrangements such as added time or having a quiet private room.

There are strict criteria for special consideration, and an MGA Advocate can help you maximise your chances of having your extension approved.

What are my options to get an extension?

In the first instance, you can get in touch with your chief examiner via email. They have the power to give you up to five days of extension. However, it is up to them whether they are comfortable granting it. They may refer you to the special consideration process.

If you need more than five days or if your chief examiner refuses to give you an extension, you will need to apply for special consideration. There are strict deadlines and evidence requirements which are important to get right, or you will risk your application being rejected.

Not all assessments can get an extension or special consideration. An MGA Advocate can help guide you through this process.

I applied but still haven’t received a decision!

Special consideration decisions should be made within three working days. If it is expected to take longer, you should receive a notification from Monash telling informing you of this. The whole process should not take longer than eight working days.

As an approval is not guaranteed, you should not wait for your special consideration to be approved before you submit your assessment. Make sure to submit as soon as you can after you have applied.

If your special consideration decision continues to be delayed, contact an MGA advocate who can help you.

My application got rejected, what do I do?

Special consideration rejections are not final, you can contest the outcome by providing more evidence or information that helps you meet the criteria. An MGA Advocate can advise you on what evidence can help you get an approval.

What if I have a disability or long-term health condition?

Students with a disability or long-term health condition, whether it is mental or physical, can register with Disability Support Services (DSS). DSS can help you arrange for recommendations and adjustments, and make it easier for you to get special consideration approved without having to go back to your doctor every time.

However, while DSS can affirm you are entitled to adjustments, it is still up to you to apply for them when you need it. If you are in doubt, get in touch with an MGA Advocate and we can help you.

Received an email about academic progress? Contact an MGA advocate or risk exclusion.

Exclusion due to unsatisfactory academic progress

If you have failed units and the University is not convinced you are in a position to do better in your studies, you can be excluded (removed) from your course. This can have serious consequences. All students at Risk Level 3 are at risk of exclusion. An MGA Advocate can help you.

Students at Level 3 who do not respond to My Plan for Success are at heightened risk of exclusion.

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