Special Consideration

Find out what a legitimate medical certificate should look like.

Do you need to apply for special consideration for an upcoming assignment or exam? If so, you will be expected to supply supporting documents with your application, and this often includes a medical certificate. Read on to find out what a legitimate and acceptable medical certificate is and isn’t!

What is acceptable:

  • It must be provided by a “health professional” or “other persons registered with a professional body, such as psychologists”. You can make an appointment for a medical certificate and many clinics currently conduct appointments over the phone.
  • Your medical certificate should be dated before the due date, if possible. Otherwise, make sure to submit your application with supporting documents no later than two days after the due date, and ensure your supporting documents clearly state when you were unwell. 
  • Your health professional must clearly state that you are unfit to sit your exam or complete work for assessment on or before the relevant date.

What isn’t acceptable:

  • A note from mum.
  • A letter from your friend who is studying medicine.
  • A note from your massage therapist/masseuse.
  • A certificate from your doctor saying you became unwell after the due date.
  • A certificate from your doctor saying you think you were unwell and you think you should get an extension (it must be your doctor’s opinion and diagnosis!).

If you need further assistance, contact an MGA Advocate for confidential advice.