Not happy with your Semester 1 results?

Results are out! A big shout out to you all for the efforts you have put in given these circumstances.

No matter how hard you have worked or how stressed you got completing exams, the release of results can be a challenging time for some graduate students.

Perhaps one of the following has happened:

  • You’ve been questioned about plagiarism or collusion.
  • Your results are less than expected.
  • You have received an academic progress check-in email, or a notice of unsatisfactory progress.

Don’t be alarmed! The MGA advocates are here to help.

MGA advocates have a lot of experience guiding students through these situations. We can provide you with confidential and independent advice to help you navigate through the sea of complex university policies and procedures.

The MGA advocacy service is independent and free for Monash graduate students, so please get in touch! You don’t need to go through this alone.

Find out more about MGA advocacy HERE