Celebrating our Volunteers – MGA Annual Volunteer Awards Lunch 2022

In late November, we celebrated our amazing volunteers at the MGA Annual Volunteer Awards Lunch.

The MGA was excited to celebrate our volunteers with an awards lunch and ceremony at Clayton Campus. Catered by Secret Garden, there was a delicious buffet lunch for attendees to enjoy. 

The students sat around big tables chatting, laughing and taking selfies as they ate lunch together. It was very clear that this was a bonded community of volunteers who had gotten to know each other well throughout the year. 

When everyone was fed and seated, MGA Volunteer Coordinator Leilani Duong presented the awards. “After two years of COVID, I was afraid that students weren’t interested in volunteering, that they were scared perhaps,” she said in her opening speech. “But I am so happy that you all proved me wrong.”

The MGA had 472 people sign up for the program, with 161 students volunteering at the 94 different opportunities we offered in 2022.

MGA Research Education Officer Saham Hettiarachchi also acknowledged the volunteers in his speech. “You give your time, your energy and dedication to supporting graduate students at Monash University. The MGA could not run without you.” 

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2022 MGA Volunteers of the Year 

Volunteers who dedicated 20 plus hours 

  • Saral Gupta
  • Sylvia KICONCO
  • Xuanrui Hu 
  • Ni Putu Amellia Artika
  • Rishabh Krishnan
  • Jing Zhang
  • Shreya Venkatesh 
  • Stiven Daniel
  • Fatimah Abdulmohsen H Almuaybid 
  • Kristina Sanjaya Putri
  • Su Hnin Aung
  • Junaid Golandaz

Clayton Campus Volunteer of the Year – Stiven Daniel

“Whenever we have this volunteer on at Clayton, we know that the event will go smoothly. Stiven is always reliable and eager to help.”

Caulfield Campus Volunteer of the Year – Junaid Golandaz

“Junaid is so easy to work with and always has a smile and great story to tell. We can always count on them to work a crowd and connect with the students at Caulfield.”

Outreach Program Volunteer of the Year – Niharika Mishra

“For the first half of the year, Niharika always signed up and made the trek down to St Kilda Mums to help with sorting their baby shoes. We knew we could count on them and were so happy when they agreed to be the leader for this program.”

Most Hours Volunteered – Susan Su Hnin Aung

“Susan volunteered 41 hours this year alone. From on-campus events to our community outreach program, they have done it all. We know that when we put them on, they will get the job done.”

Staff Pick – Hin Wai (Heith) Chik

“Always reliable and dependable and made the trek across campuses – an absolute joy to work with. Caulfield and Clayton MGA staff unanimously agreed that they deserved to be our staff pick.”

Interested in joining our volunteer community?

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