Jobs for Students Program @ Monash University

While studying at Monash, you have the unique opportunity to access the Jobs for Students program. This program allows registered students to gain access to a range of casual jobs within the University.

Once you have registered, as suitable positions arise, you may be contacted directly by the Jobs for Students team or you may be invited to apply for opportunities that match your skill set. Some opportunities are also advertised on the Career Gateway platform: just search for roles listed under the employer ‘Jobs for Students’.

Interview with graduate student Emma Ussing

If you’re wondering about the kind of experience students can gain, the Jobs for Students team caught up with Emma Ussing, a Monash graduate student who has been working in Monash HR. Read on to find out all about her experience obtaining employment at Monash through Jobs for Students.

What are you studying at Monash and when do you graduate?

Emma Ussing, Master of International Relations/ Master of Journalism at Monash

I am studying my Master of International Relations/Master of Journalism. I commenced this degree at the beginning of 2022 and am set to graduate mid-year 2025. 

Tell us about the role you got through Jobs for Students (JFS)?

My JFS role is in human resources administration, supporting the recruitment of professional staff to the University. 

What was the application process like? 

My application process went through a few different phases. I initially applied for a temporary position, which was unable to commence when expected. My application was kept in the pool and I was regularly contacted by the JFS team to see if I was still open to work and whether similar positions would be suitable. 

Once the approval process for creating a new position within the HR team went through, the interview, offer and commencement day all happened very quickly. I undertook a Zoom interview answering behavioural and motivational questions, before the usual reference checks and providing documentation to start the following week. 

How do you think your role at Monash will make a difference to your future career? 

The skills I use to complete this role are very multidisciplinary. In an organisation as large as Monash there are a huge array of stakeholders. I think communicating effectively across those stakeholders to support the recruitment process will assist my future career aspirations in journalism, to be effectively engaging with sources, colleagues and media organisations. 

Why should graduate students register for Jobs for Students and how can they make their application stand out?

Monash supervisors are very understanding of the ebb and flow of University commitments and my supervisor has been very flexible to allow me to balance study and work at the same time.  Undertaking graduate studies, I’m sure most students have already seriously considered their career goals, and the work environments that would suit them. Finding interim positions that have similar soft skills and outcomes is surely a good start. To assist in standing out, and ending up in a suitable position, I think it’s necessary to draw on previous workplace experiences, as well as your desired roles when applying. 

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