Academic and General Misconduct

The MGA advocacy team is here to ensure that your rights are upheld if you are accused of academic, research and/or general misconduct.

What is misconduct?

Monash University expects all students to conduct their studies with honesty and integrity. Misconduct is a breach of this expectation. The University recognises three kinds of misconduct:

  • Academic misconduct – can include plagiarism, collusion, exam cheating, and other means to gain an advantage that others wouldn’t have. This can be something you do on purpose (knowingly) or by being very careless (recklessly). The University formally defines this as ‘conduct which a student seeks to gain an unfair or unjustified academic advantage in a course or unit of study, either for themselves or another person’.
  • Research misconduct – means research conduct by a student which is dishonest, reckless or negligent, and seriously deviates from accepted standards for proposing, conducting or reporting research. It can be done knowingly or recklessly.
  • General misconduct – includes conduct by which a student attacks, harasses, intimidates, threatens or endangers others. It is defined as  any conduct that is contrary to accepted standards of behaviour and university rules. It can be done knowingly or recklessly.

We most often see students who are suspected of academic misconduct because there is a problem with a piece of work they submitted. Sometimes the student’s work is too similar to another students, or it looks like they didn’t write it themselves. Sometimes they may have not correctly referenced the work of other people.

How can I avoid misconduct?

To avoid allegations of academic or research misconduct, we encourage you to complete all of the academic integrity training modules available through Research & Learning Online. Many faculties also have their own Moodle modules and many units contain links to resources on academic integrity on their Moodle pages. Go through all of these resources before you begin researching or writing.

If you make a mistake, contact an MGA advocate so we can support you.

What happens if I’m suspected of misconduct? Is there an investigation?

Monash University has processes for dealing with suspected misconduct, which can be seen here. If you contact one of our advocates, we can explain things to you in person and help you through the process.

Will I be punished? What penalty will I get?

This depends on if you are found guilty of misconduct. Depending on the nature of the misconduct, you could receive any from a range of range of penalties including: reprimands, fines, a 0 grade for all of part of the work, fail grade for the unit, suspension from enrolment for a period of time, or exclusion.

What if I disagree with the outcome of a misconduct decision. Can I appeal?

Yes, appeals are available if your case meets certain grounds. We strongly encourage you to contact an MGA advocate for advice, and to do so quickly because the time in which to appeal is quite short.

Have you received an allegation of misconduct?

Contact an MGA advocate for confidential advice and support!

Monash University takes allegations of academic misconduct very seriously. When responding, it is important you are honest and reflective. We strongly recommend seeking our advice and support before responding.

Got questions? We have answers!

To get in contact with one of our advocates, please book an appointment via email. Alternatively, you can call the Clayton (9905 3197) or Caulfield (9903 1880) office to speak to one of our advocates.

Clayton office:

James Breheny

Caulfield office:

Sarah Murphy

Ying Xu