Grievances and Complaints

A grievance can be anything from a query which has not been dealt with properly to a serious complaint about any matter concerning a student’s coursework or research candidature at Monash University.

A grievance or complaint can be about an administrative or academic matter, one held by a graduate student against another student, a supervisor, a department, a faculty or the University. It is any type of complaint you have about the University.

How can MGA advocacy and support help?

Monash University has a process for lodging and investigating complaints. MGA advocates can help you through that process.

The MGA supports an informal approach to resolving difficult situations, wherever possible. MGA advocates act as advisors and provide support and assistance for graduate students. The great majority of complaints that come to the MGA are settled through an informal process.

Formal grievance procedures

The process to be followed depends on the type of candidature and complaint. A student complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction with a process, decision or service offered or provided by the University.

Students must follow the Student Complaints Process.

More information on the process is available on the University Ombudsman website.

Book an appointment with an MGA advocate

To get in contact with one of our advocates, please book an appointment via email. Alternatively, you can call the Clayton (9905 3197) or Caulfield (9903 1880) office to speak to one of our advocates.

Clayton office:

James Breheny

Caulfield office:

Sarah Murphy

Ying Xu