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Highlights from 2024 Battle of the Brains | Winners of the annual HDR Trivia Night!

Find out more about who claimed the top prizes at our infamous evening of fun and quizzing for HDR students.

For the last two years in a row, the Faculty of Science's The Animorphs & The Sexaquarks​ (formerly known as Mighty Morphin' Power Cascade Arrangers in 2023 and, before that, It's Morpho Time in 2022) have held the championship title at the MGA's Battle of the Brains. One Thursday evening in late June, this dream team reconvened to reclaim the throne.

But this year, they were put to the test by a fierce contender, a team named Fungus Among Us, comprising of the greatest minds hailing from the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, including then-MGA President, Saham Hettiarachchi.

The two teams battled neck and neck right up until the very end, with each team scoring in at 54 points. The fate of each team rested in a mere tie-breaker question.

"In which year were Skittles first produced?" our Quiz Meister, Nikita asked the two representatives from each team. It came down to a numbers game, with a nail-biting back and forth between the opponents, leaving everyone in the room on the edge of their seats. 

And the winner was...

For the third year in a row, The Animorphs & The SexaquarksThis seemingly unbeatable team once again took home the top prize. Yet we have to commend Fungus Among Us for giving them a run for their money.

But here at the MGA, we maintain that you're all winners, which is why we gave out extra prizes for other contenders. Special mention goes to:

  • Best team name: Ctrl+Alt+Defeat
  • Wooden spoon winner: Quizzly Bears

We'd like to thank our Quiz Meister Nikita for leading the charge and creating an atmosphere that all 22 teams who competed enjoyed tremendously. Drinks were pouring, pizza was eaten and many laughs were shared.


Please enjoy a mini slideshow of photos from the night!


1 / 11
Our MGA Volunteers relishing the calm before the trivia storm
2 / 11
Pain is temporary - HDR Trivia Night medals are forever
3 / 11
Trivia goes hard, but MGA merch goes harder.
4 / 11
No spore losers here! Congrats to our runner up, Team Fungus Among Us 🍄
5 / 11
Flats or rooftops? When your reputation hangs in the balance of a cricket bat.
6 / 11
They came. They saw. They won a spontaneous spot prize 🤙
7 / 11
They Ctrl + Alt Defeated the competition for Best Team Name
8 / 11
HDR Trivia Night: Where Knowledge Shines Bright 🌈
9 / 11
It all came down to this moment - two competitors, one skittles fact
10 / 11
2024 Champions: The Animorphs & The Sexaquarks!
11 / 11
Last place in trivia, but first in fun. Until next year, giant wooden spoon.





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