MGA Advocacy: Getting the details right on your special consideration application

Aashish panicked when his application for special consideration was rejected. Find out how an MGA Advocate helped him get the details right and his application approved. 

Aashish was upset and confused when he found out his special consideration application was rejected by Monash University. He contacted the MGA Advocacy service in a panic.  

He told the MGA Advocate that he didn’t understand why this happened. He had submitted the form in time and attached a medical certificate from his doctor. 

“The special consideration team is now asking me for further evidence and I am not sure what to do. I can’t afford to fail and redo this unit, and I can’t pay for it again as my finances are already stretched to the limit. I was so sick the whole week of my exam. Why won’t Monash believe me, please what can I do?”

When the advocate asked to see the medical certificate that Aashish had submitted in support of his application, they could see the what the problem was right away.

The doctor had written: “Aashish has had tonsillitis this past week and I support their application for special consideration.”

The issue was that the doctor was not specific enough in the medical report and had not written down the actual dates that Aashish was unfit to study.  

In order for a medical certificate or any other certificate to effectively support special consideration applications, the evidence must be dated and state that the student was unfit to study or undertake the assessment on, or before, the relevant date. 

After his consultation with the MGA Advocate, Aashish followed up with his doctor, got his certificate amended, resubmitted it and his special consideration application was finally approved. 

Crisis averted!

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