Executive Committee – Women’s Officer

Merve O’Keefe


Master by Coursework (International Relations & Journalism), Arts

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The Women’s Officer is responsible for liaising with appropriate bodies in relation to issues pertaining to women graduate students of Monash University and ensuring that the concerns of women graduate students are brought to the attention of the MGAEC.

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My name is Merve and I am very excited to be the Women’s Officer for a second term. My goal is to provide a space for students who identify as women to feel connected, supported and heard. I have a lot of ideas to make this goal a reality and am excited to begin!

I’m half British and half Turkish and I studied my undergrad in International Relations at Middle East Technical University, Turkey. I always found myself drawn to topics involving women and gender in my research and essays, and this has continued into my current master’s studies in International Relations and Journalism. I also have experience working with Syrian refugees in Turkey, writing for Amnesty International and teaching English as a foreign language.

Since Monash has students from around the world, I believe there may be other students like myself who come from countries where women are faced with particularly strict narratives of what they can and cannot do.

Through my efforts as the Women’s Officer, I would like to help women to break free from these limitations and realise their full potential to do what they desire and be their strong, fearless, unapologetic selves. Please feel free to reach out to me with any concerns, ideas, or just to have a chat!

Personal Interests

In my free time I like travelling, swimming, hiking, photography and brushing up on my español. You may also find me cooking Turkish food, eating Turkish food, and talking about how awesome Turkey is.

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