Anumanthram Senthilkumar

Executive Committee – International Students’ Officer (Coursework)

Anumanthram Senthilkumar


Master in Biotechnology
Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences


The International Students’ Officer liaises with relevant groups and individuals to identify issues pertaining to international graduate students, and ensures the interests of this cohort are represented at the MGAEC and within the broader university.

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Hey guys, this is Anumanthram Senthilkumar, I am pursuing my Masters in Biotechnology and based at the Clayton Campus.

I completed bachelors in Biotechnology and I decided to stay in the field, since science interested me a lot and the field is ever growing and improving.

Coming from a country of billion people, thousands of cultures, languages and dialects, I believe I understand diversity and the need for an inclusive community during education. Since bachelors, extra curricular activities interested me more than the curricular ones and I was always up for cultural and fun events on the campuses.

This is my major motivation to be a part of the MGA. Studying online would have got more depressing if it weren’t for the activities organised by the MGA and I wanted to contribute something back for that.

I believe in working towards a change and bringing a positive impact everywhere I go. There is always scope to improve and make this world a better place for all and I aim to do that. I believe this position could contribute to that cause. I intend to make MGA more accessible and reachable, build interdepartmental connections that would help smooth the journey of graduate students post-graduation. I would also love to learn new things and develop my existing skills through this opportunity and I am looking forward to new challenges and adventures.

Personal Interests

I have a strong passion for travelling and exploring new places, learning about new cultures and traditions, apart from being a biotechnologist – I am a writer. I love to drive and play soccer in my free time, if I don’t waste a lot of time on socials :-0

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