Executive Committee – General Representative

Pranay Prathivadi


Master by Coursework (Data Science)
Information Technology

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General representatives may contribute to the MGA in any of the following ways:

  • Attending the monthly MGAEC meetings, contributing to decision making and voting on issues of concern.
  • Conducting some background research to support an MGA submission.
  • Talking to graduate students in their department/course/faculty to find out what the current issues are.
  • Contributing to one of the many subcommittees that are created for a specific event/issue.
  • Volunteering at an MGA orientation, social event or seminar.


As both an undergraduate (Bachelor of Science) and graduate student (Master of Data Science) of the university, my affiliation with Monash extends well past the traditional student experience. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at Monash and seen the university grow from strength to strength during my tertiary study. I’m proud to be part of the Monash family, having met some of my closest friends and mentors on campus, and leveraged the skills I learnt from my degrees into my current position as a Senior Consultant within KPMG Australia’s Management Consulting practice.

Balancing university study with my professional commitments has motivated me to drive initiatives for students completing their degrees while working FTE. The MGA Executive Committee is an ideal platform for me to form those initiatives alongside a wonderfully talented and diverse committee for the next 12 months. As a General Member of the committee, I look forward to gauging the voice of the postgraduate cohort and liaising with senior Monash University staff and stakeholders to create meaningful change.

As Australian universities look to rebound from the financial and social changes brought on by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, this year will be pivotal to creating a strong university experience and reaching our target of becoming the country’s premier tertiary institution.

Personal Interests

If only you were able to see the West Coast Eagles socks, Chicago Bulls hoodie and Tom Brady shirt I’m currently wearing, you could probably tell that I’m a bit of a sports nut. Unfortunately I wasn’t born with any real sporting ability, so I instead decided to spend almost all my free time watching professionals do it. AFL, NFL, NBA, cricket, tennis, F1, swimming…you name it, I’ll talk your head off about it! For any big sports fan out there, feel free to get in touch, you can ask me a question which deserves a very short, crisp answer and I’ll give you 45 minutes on why the biomechanics suggest Ben Simmons should really be shooting the basketball with his right hand instead of his left.

Outside of my weirdo sports obsession, I (like most people) spend plenty of time catching up with friends and watching different shows and movies. I recently finished watching 14 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy on Stan during our lockdown, so outside of being a KPMG consultant I guess you could also say I’m a fully qualified doctor now?

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