Executive Committee – General Representative

Prashansa Chadha


Master of Information Technology


Contact details


General representatives may contribute to the MGA in any of the following ways:

  • Attending the monthly MGAEC meetings, contributing to decision making and voting on issues of concern.
  • Conducting some background research to support an MGA submission.
  • Talking to graduate students in their department/course/faculty to find out what the current issues are.
  • Contributing to one of the many subcommittees that are created for a specific event/issue.
  • Volunteering at an MGA orientation, social event or seminar.


This is Prashansa, a masters student based at Clayton campus and a general representative in the MGAEC 2023-24. I belong to the faculty of information technology. I am someone who believes in kindness and empathy. In a world where we can be anything, I would choose to be kind and humane because everyone deserves the same treatment as he should be treated. I would want to work on this equity, unity and kindness across students of different cultural backgrounds and different countries.

I applied to become a student representative with the Monash Graduate Association because I wanted to bring some difference in our University. I want to emphasise some endangered values such as politeness, kindness and empathy and develop a community that isn’t just contributing to the economy and to research but to create a community that cares, values kindness and treats others with respect. I think this will make a huge impact in the upcoming years and humanity can be one of the rarest traits of a human.

Personal Interests

I am a very extroverted, friendly person and love to try new things. I am also a really hard worker, who perseveres until the task in accomplished and I promise to pursue the issues of graduate students till time allows.

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