Ken Chiu

Executive Committee – Coursework Education Officer

Ken Chiu


Master of Cybersecurity
Information Technology


The Coursework Education Officer is responsible for liaising with appropriate bodies in relation to issues pertaining to graduate coursework students of Monash University and ensuring that the concerns of coursework students are brought to the attention of the MGAEC.

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Good Day. My name is Cheuk Lun Chiu, you can call me Ken.

I am an international student undertaking the Master of Cybersecurity on Clayton campus, starting from July 2021.

As everyone has suffered in Covid-19, I think international students are one of the groups who had a serious impact. I personally experienced half a year of online study from my home country, Hong Kong. I was always excited to be on campus and looked forward to meeting new people at Monash University. In February, I finally came to Melbourne and started my real student life.

It is my honour to have an opportunity to contribute and serve graduate students through MGAEC. Graduate students come from all backgrounds, some of them, like me, left the academic field for such a long time. I finished my degree in 2008, like 14 years ago. Some graduate students are studying and have a full time job at the same time.

I am fully aware of the difficulties graduate students face, so I will try my best to support the graduate community and enhance the students learning experience. You are welcome to raise any feedback with me – it is important to us to improve our services. I personally will focus on mental health and job opportunities for graduate students.

Hope I can enhance the overall experience of graduate students in the coming year!

Personal Interests

I love travelling to different countries to explore cultures and history. Also, I love movies, especially Marvel series. Welcome to chat with me about movie stuff.

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