Executive Committee – Coursework Education Officer

Priyanka Nathani


Master by Coursework (Banking and Finance)
Business and Economics


The Coursework Education Officer is responsible for liaising with appropriate bodies in relation to issues pertaining to graduate coursework students of Monash University and ensuring that the concerns of coursework students are brought to the attention of the MGAEC.

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I started my studies at Monash as a coursework student pursuing a Masters of Banking and Finance in 2020. Unfortunately it wasn’t the best time due to the world wide pandemic. However, the entire shift to remote education and everything being done online gave me a better understanding of what problems other students were facing, since we all now had one problem in common that everyone could relate to.

I choose to stand up for this position at MGA due to this very reason. Everyone was facing similar issues and nobody was doing anything about them. I wanted to make a change and have an opportunity to make a difference. This opportunity has given me the confidence and support that I needed to make this change and I’m sure with the help of MGA, the experience of coursework students at Monash could increase significantly.

I am keen to help students struggling over online and offline studies. I would promote having online PASS sessions for students who really require additional support.

Personal Interests

Reading and zoning out in the world of books is a hobby of mine. I love going out on walks and spending time in nature doing activities such as trekking and camping.

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