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Elnaz Mokhtari



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The Clayton Campus Representative initiates campus-based activities, identifies issues pertaining specifically to their campus and ensures the interests of Clayton–based graduate students are represented at the MGAEC and within the broader university.

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I studied for my bachelor’s degree in civil engineering at IUST (Iran University of Science and Technology). Afterward, I started to work as a civil engineer for several years. To continue for a master’s degree, I moved to Italy and received my degree from the University of Bologna. That period was not only devoted to my education but also to experience international cultures by traveling to different countries. In 2020 I moved to Australia to start my PhD position at Monash University.

As the Clayton representative at Monash University, my main goal is to help students to get more familiar with the campus and transfer any issue to the committee in which decisions can be made to solve it. Simultaneously, I am the social event representative at Monash CEPC – that helps me to get in touch with students more to reach the goal at MGA too.

Personal Interests

Outside academic and committee rules, I enjoy the spare time going on adventures, working out, reading books, dancing, watching movies, and hanging out with friends.

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