Executive Committee – Caulfield Representative

Arjun Sanjeev


Master by Coursework (Management)
Business and Economics

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The Caulfield Campus Representative initiates campus-based activities, identifies issues pertaining specifically to their campus and ensures the interests of Caulfield–based graduate students are represented at the MGAEC and within the broader university.

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Having had an interest in Artificial Intelligence throughout my teenage years, I pursued my Bachelor’s in Computer Science. However, as my interests evolved, I discovered an interest in people, their psychology and their ideas, among several other aspects. My interest in how people can be a resource for getting work done grew because of my work environment. This led me to my passion to understand people and utilise their potential to the best of any organisation. This paved a very beautiful way into Monash’s Masters’ in Management.

Having grown up in India, I couldn’t have had a more diverse culture, a better plethora of people and mindsets for my experience. The power I have realised when I blend, very effectively, the diverse culture, mindsets and mental health is efficiency.

MGA has been that beautiful, effective and immersive way to accommodate all my interests and passions into Monash. It has also been the sole representative of so many difficulties that international students face, the amenities they take advantage of and the certain and uncertain circumstances they have faced through the pandemic. MGA has taken me to be a part of these challenges, these adversities. The icing on a lot of cakes are also my share, appreciably.

Personal Interests

I immensely enjoy exploring and learning about different cultures and activities along with my love for travelling, adventure sports and snapping portrait pictures.

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