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Facilities for graduate students

Facilities at the Monash University Law Chambers building include independent student study areas, resource centre, a multi-purpose lounge and a student kitchen.

MGA advocacy service

MGA advocate Ms. Sarah Murphy is available to graduate students based at Law Chambers for confidential consultations via Zoom, phone or email.

To make an appointment, please email

  • Find out more about the MGA advocacy and academic support service on our website HERE.

Library services (Law Chambers)

The Library node is located on Level 1, opposite Student Services at the Law Chambers. It contains a small collection of textbooks from the Monash University Library, which have been set for graduate student units run at the Law Chambers. Books are available for three hour loan.

Graduate law students can also place ‘Requests’ for books held at Library branches to be sent to the Node for pick up, borrowing, and returning.

The Library offers workshops on a wide range of topics as well as drop-in sessions.

For more support, email a Law Subject Librarians for an appointment.

International Law Association (ILA)

The ILA offers student memberships for those interested in international law.

Do you have any questions or an idea for an event for Law Chambers graduate students?

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