Student visas and intermission

COVID-19 has resulted in many students needing intermission.

If you are an international student and have been granted intermission from your course, Monash will let the Department of Home Affairs know that they have approved your application to take intermission for compelling or compassionate reasons. You are not required to get in touch with the Australian Government.

You can remain in Australia if you have deferred your course because of compassionate and compelling circumstances and still remain enrolled. Your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) will not be cancelled and you will not be required to leave Australia. 

If you have to extend your visa due to no longer being able to complete your course in time, you must  apply for a new CoE through the Web Enrolment System (WES). 

Find out more about student visas HERE

Info from the Department of Home Affairs HERE

Remember that Monash can cancel your enrolment, which may result in a cancellation of your student visa if:

  • you provide false documents to defer your course;
  • the situation for deferring has passed and you have not resumed your studies.

Always double check your own student visa requirements and seek advice from Monash Connect, a registered migration agent or immigration lawyer.  MGA does not provide visa advice. 

How can an advocate help? They will be able to clarify the options that are available for you based on your circumstances and, depending on on what you decide to do, they can help you pursue the appropriate action. 

The MGA is independent from the University and all matters discussed with an advocate is confidential. For more about our advocacy service, please click here.