International Graduate Students

Discover support services by the University, important information from the Government and external resources available to international graduate students studying at Monash University.

Moving to a new country to study can be daunting, especially if you are living away from family for the first time. The MGA believes it is important to ensure that information and resources are easily accessible to you. This page outlines services that support international graduate students before and after you arrive in Australia. Click here to read the full list of services offered by Monash.

University Services

Connecting with Monash

Monash Connect can answer current student questions about administrative services like enrolment, fees and travel concessions and give advice about visas, eCOE, and residency. You can also find out about financial assistance and off-campus accommodation.

English Connect

If English isn’t your first language, communication can be difficult. English Connect has a range of courses and workshops to improve your English while you study.

Family support

Monash has family and childcare services that support families, spouses and children of students. They’ll help you establish networks with other families.

Interest-free Student Loans

If you’re struggling with money, you may be eligible for an interest-free student loan from Monash Connect. You can also negotiate payment of tuition pees via installments. Do note, you will not be able to graduate until you pay back in full, but it may give you some time to sort things out.

Orientation for international research students

Student advisers run regular compulsory International Student Essential information sessions for international research students. They cover such topics as overseas health cover; regulations and visas; work rights; money matters and tax file numbers.

Other Resources available to International Graduate Students

Australian Word Map

Chances are you’ll quickly encounter some quirky, colourful (and at times, completely confusing) Australian slang. Some international students find the way English is spoken in Australia can be quite different to how they have been taught. You can search the meaning of Aussie words and phrases on the Australian Word Map website – a co-production of the Macquarie Library Pty Ltd and ABC Online.

Department of Immigration

Information about student visas can be found at the Department of Immigration website.

Education services for overseas students (ESOS)

The Australian government regulates the education and training sector’s involvement with overseas students studying in Australia on student visas.

Visit Monash’s ESOS information page for further information.

The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA)

TEQSA is a government body that ensures Australian universities are properly supporting their international students.  TEQSA covers topics including: what to expect from their university; workplace rights; tips on avoiding common scams; understanding academic integrity; and student welfare.

Study in Australia

This Australian government website provides information on living and studying in Australia. It includes tips on safety, how to get involved in the community and information on Australia.

If you need to apply for a student visa, click here to find out about the application process.

If you are an international student with a visa to study in Australia, family members can accompany you if your study lasts for at least one year and you can support them. You should also check to see if you are eligible according to the conditions set out on the Australian Government immigration website.

Study Melbourne Student Centre (SMSC)

International students can now get help with health, legal, housing and safety issues at Study Melbourne Student Centre. Interpreters are available on request and assistance is FREE at the centre.

International Student Guide

Download a free copy of the most recent edition of the International Student Guide brought to you by Study Melbourne and the City of Melbourne. The publication covers a vast range of topics which are relevant to any international student who is new to Melbourne.

International students’ emergency fund

The Sir Edward Dunlop International Students Emergency Fund is a community-based fund that provides short-term loans to International Students in universities, TAFE institutes and secondary schools in Victoria, Australia. Applications for loans will be considered to overcome a short-term financial crisis or cover unexpected expenses which threaten a student’s ability to continue their studies.

Police powers: Your rights in Victoria

This booklet is a general guide to help you deal with police and Protective Services Officers

Legal Information

Inner Melbourne Community Legal has developed a set of free online legal information resources. They are designed to help international students in Melbourne access better support with legal problems or queries connected to where they live, work and study. Topics covered include housing rights, fines, feeling unsafe, problems with education providers and where to get legal help.

Visa extensions

If your current visa expires before you finish your course, you may need to extend your stay. Click here to find our more about visa extensions that you may be eligible for.

Working in Australia

Information from the FairWork Ombudsman about your workplace rights and obligations.

Click here to read the employability guide published by The International Education Association of Australia. This is a good resource that provides essential tips and practical steps to help international students find a job in Australia.

Sexual Health Education Course

Dating in Australia is a video series and eLearning module created to support international students with information on reproductive and sexual health so you can have a great time and take care of yourself.

 The eLearning module consists of a comprehensive online sexual health education course, accompanied by  a series of informative YouTube videos  discussing: dating; healthy relationships; consent; sexual health and STIs; and pregnancy, contraception and abortion.

Created by Family Planning Victoria with support from Study Melbourne.

Free english classes

Join a free english class near Clayton campus (within walking distance) in an informal, friendly atmosphere to improve every aspect of your English (reading, writing, speaking and listening).

Check your Monash student email during the breaks.

Make sure you check your Monash email account regularly – this is how the university communicates with you. If you do not see an important notice, it could lead to serious consequences.

Graduate Student Group Funding

With over 17,000 grad students to look after, we simply can’t run events in every school. Form a graduate student group (if your school /unit/course doesn’t already have one). Then your group can apply for some funding to run social or combined social/academic events: a sausage sizzle, such as your own mini-trivia night or a workshop.

Meeting Rooms & Lounges

Need a meeting room for a group assignment or a quiet place to study? The MGA offers private meeting rooms in selected campuses which you can book through our website. The MGA also has multiple lounges ideal for students to relax, meet other graduate students to socialise or study. Read more.