Financial Assistance

The MGA recognises that balancing graduate studies and work can be stressful and insecure for many students. We have put together this guide to indicate where students might be able to access financial support and advice when the going gets tough.

Help with fees

Monash Connect

Negotiate payment of tuition fees via instalments with Monash Connect. Make these arrangements before the deadline and remember you must pay before graduation.

Faculty Support

Inquire with your faculty about funds for some sort of scholarship. If you are performing well academically, the faculty may be persuaded to help or offer you advice on finding help.

Help with living costs

Contact Monash Connect for a $500 emergency financial grant

This grant does not need to be repaid and there are strict criteria to qualify, but it is worth checking your eligibility.

Consider a Monash Connect Loan

Monash offers short term (up to $750) and longer-term (up to $3000) interest-free loans for both domestic and international students. Loans must also be repaid before graduation. Find out more here.

Approach the MGA for help with food

We at the MGA can sometimes provide emergency non-perishable food packages or grocery vouchers. Please email an MGA Advocate if you would like further information.

Contact The Department of Health and Human Services (domestic students)

This department offers an interest-free Bond Loan Scheme to permanent residents that meet the eligibility. Find out more here.

Check your eligibility for a Low Income Health Care Card (domestic students)

This card entitles the holder to cheaper health care and discounts, including cheaper medicine, bulk billed doctor visits and discounts on water, gas, electricity, public transport and motor vehicle registration. Check your eligibility.

Help for international students

Contact your embassy/consulate

Some nations offer financial aid to their students studying in Australia. Ask your embassy/consulate if they can do this for you.

Contact community groups

Some community groups and associations offer support to people from the same background as themselves. Check online, with friends or via social media.

Contact Study Melbourne

Study Melbourne sometimes offer financial assistance or have scholarships. If you have experienced financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic, please contact the Study Melbourne Student Centre. Further info here.

Australian Government workplace rights online toolkit

This resource aims to help international students learn about their workplace rights while studying here in Australia. Have a look here.

Red Cross Emergency Extreme Hardship Support Program

This program aims to meet urgent basic needs, food, medicine or shelter for temporary and provisional visa holders during COVID-19 pandemic. Further information here.

Help for residents

Many local councils offer financial aid and/or food packages for their residents. Check below to see what is available in your area. Most places, with the exception of the CBD centres, require proof of residence and Student ID. Some also require that you are an Australian citizen or resident, and/or current Centrelink ID. Please contact your local centre to check eligibility.


  • Hamodava Café/The Lighthouse Café (website)
    Free meals
    a: Level 1, 69 Bourke Street, Melbourne
    t: 9653 3299
  • Study Melbourne Student Centre (website)
    Food vouchers, financial assistance
    a: 599 Little Bourke St
    t: 1800 056 449


  • Camcare Inc (website)
    Food vouchers, financial assistance, counselling, health services
    t: 9831 1900


  • The Couch International Student Program (website)
    Safe lounge space for international students to socialise, relax, study, and seek assistance.
    a: 324 Drummond St, Carlton Victoria
    t: 0451 374 507

City of Casey

  • Cornerstone Contact Centre (website)
    Meals, crisis assistance
    t: 0481 186 323

City of Glen Eira (including Caulfield)

  • Community Information, Glen Eira (website)
    Food vouchers, food parcels, clothes, travelcards, phone cards
    t: 9571 7644


  • Monash Oakleigh Community Support & Information Services (website)
    Food, food vouchers, op shop, caseworker assistance
    a: 25 Downing Street, Oakleigh
    t: 9568 4533


  • Coburg Community Information Centre (website)
    Financial assistance
    t: 9350 3737


  • Dandenong Community Advisory Bureau Inc. (website)
    Food vouchers, petrol vouchers, advocacy services
    t: 9791 8344
  • Cornerstone Contact Centre (website)
    Meals, crisis assistance
    t: 9794 5654


  • Dandenong Community Advisory Bureau Inc. (website)
    Food vouchers, petrol vouchers, advocacy services
    t: 9791 8344


  • Community Support Frankston Inc. (website)
    Food, meals, housing, medical, clothing and whitegoods
    t: 9783 7284

Mount Waverley

  • Mount-Waverly Community Support & Information Services (website)
    Food vouchers, food parcels, clothing, white goods and furniture
    t: 9807 9844
    t: 9827 5996


  • website)
    Food, food vouchers, op shop, caseworker assistance
    a: 3 Atherton Road, Oakleigh
    t: 9518 3555

Help for all students

Lentil as Anything Restaurant

Based in Abbotsford, St Kilda and Thornbury, this restaurant has no set prices and a ‘pay-as-you-feel’ policy. Everyone is welcome to a meal and can pay with either a financial contribution, or by volunteering.
Find a Lentil As Anything close to you.

Foodbank and other Community Relief Welfare Providers

Foodbanks around Melbourne offer food items and pantry hampers, along with other forms of emergency relief. Find local services near you.

Kasih Project

The Kasih Project arranges food and essential items by appointment. They preferred contact via WhatsApp: +61 430 903 366. Find locations on their Facebook page.


This website operates as a search engine for many forms of community assistance around Melbourne, as well as other supports including housing, food, health, employment and many others. Check out their website here.

Empower Food Relief Centres

These centres are open across Melbourne on weekends to anyone facing serious food insecurity. View their website here.

Study Melbourne

Study Melbourne provides numerous forms of community and government assistance and support. Check out their website here.

Check your Monash student email during the breaks.

Make sure you check your Monash email account regularly – this is how the university communicates with you. If you do not see an important notice, it could lead to serious consequences.

Graduate Student Group Funding

With over 25,000 grad students to look after, we simply can’t run events in every school. Form a graduate student group (if your school /unit/course doesn’t already have one). Then your group can apply for some funding to run social or combined social/academic events: a sausage sizzle, such as your own mini-trivia night or a workshop.

Meeting Rooms & Lounges

Need a meeting room for a group assignment or a quiet place to study? The MGA offers private meeting rooms in selected campuses which you can book through our website. The MGA also has multiple lounges ideal for students to relax, meet other graduate students to socialise or study. Read more.