Call for nominations: Monash Graduate Association Executive Committee 2021/2022

Do you want to make a difference for Monash graduate students?

The Monash Graduate Association (MGA) is now calling for nominations for the Monash Graduate Association Executive Committee (MGAEC) for the 2021/2022 term of office.

  • Nominations must be made on the official nomination form.
  •  Accompanying statements must be typed.
  • Nomination forms can be obtained by emailing the MGA, or downloaded from below:

Nominations must be signed and submitted to the Returning Officer by 5:00pm on Wednesday, 7 April 2021 by email attachment.

The committee term begins in June 2021 and runs for one year.  The MGAEC meets monthly to discuss issues of relevance to graduate students and to make decisions on behalf of the graduate student community at Monash. This can involve writing policy, responding to University proposals, planning seminars and running social events.

There are a total of 15 positions on the MGAEC:  four campus-tagged representative positions and eleven general representative positions. 

The four campus-tagged positions (one each for Clayton, Caulfield, Parkville and Peninsula) are open only to graduates enrolled on the corresponding campus.  The eleven general representative positions are open to all graduates enrolled through an Australian campus of Monash University.

Graduate students may apply for both a campus-tagged representative position and a general representative position but may hold only one position on the MGAEC.  The outcome of the elections for the campus-tagged representative positions will be determined before the general representative position elections are conducted.  No more than two research and two coursework graduates from the same faculty may hold positions within the eleven general representative positions.

Further information about the MGA Executive Committee and the election process can be found on the MGA website.

Please contact the Returning Officer if you would like further information.