Monash Volunteer Awards 2022

MGA Volunteer Nitish Rai with program coordinator Leilani Duong.

Find out who won the MGA OSCARS at the Monash Volunteer Awards!

On a rainy evening in mid-October, student volunteers from all areas of the University were invited by the Pro Vice-Chancellor David Copolov to an awards ceremony at Hotel Chadstone. The purpose was to recognise and honour their great work and accomplishments over the past year.

The MGA sent a contingent of 21 graduate student volunteers, mentors and representatives who were all very excited and thankful for the opportunity to attend this event and celebrate together.

For the award ceremony, various faculties and student organisations across Monash were asked to nominate and present awards to their cohort of volunteers. Suitably named the MGA OSCARS (Outstanding Services by Coursework and Research Students), our award recognises the work that our volunteers, mentors and representatives do to improve and enrich the experience of the graduate student community.

As we were unable to decide on just one winner, the MGA OSCARS award was presented to two deserving graduate students: PhD candidates Emily Pryor and Nitish Rai

Leilani Duong (left) and Radhik Rammohan (right) present Emily Pryor (middle) with her MGA OSCARS.

The MGA’s volunteer coordinator Leilani Duong was there to present the awards. In her speech, she spoke about how precious time is to a graduate student, which made the countless hours our students have dedicated to serving their community so impressive.

Emily Pryor was nominated for her outstanding advocacy for HDR students over the past two years. “She is articulate, committed and passionate,” said Leilani. “No-one else can face down a room full of Associate Deans and speak so convincingly against the majority position. She is truly deserving of this award.”

Nitish Rai was awarded for his committed leadership of the MGA Badminton group. “The return from COVID was difficult,” explained Leilani, “but Nitish managed to create such a wonderful community that is a favourite amongst our graduate students. Because of his hard work and passion, he has revived our Badminton group and is now leading one of our most successful ongoing events.”

The Monash Volunteer Awards night was a great opportunity to highlight the work of all our graduate student volunteers, not just those who were able to attend. From those who help set up tents and serve free lunches, to those who lobby for student rights, we appreciate all the time and effort you put in to help better the graduate community.

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