Discord Game Night – Jackbox Games | Fortnightly on Thursdays

Hop into the MGA Discord Server and meet us in the ” 🦝》Game Night Voice Chat ” for a few rounds of Jackbox Games. 

Put your feet up, open a beverage of your choice and get ready for some laughs. Come along to meet other grad students and enjoy a few rounds of Jackbox Games.

You don’t need to download anything to play! All you need is your phone/laptop and access to the internet.

See you there (or square)!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The MGA Discord Game Night is on break until Semester 2, 2022! Check this page again in August 2022 for more updates.

Join us every Thursday fortnight

Time: 5:00pm – 6:00pm

Where: Monash Graduate Association Server

“ 🎮Fun & Games🎮 “ channel in the “ 🦝》Game Night Voice Chat “

MGA on Discord

You asked and we listened. We’ve built a Discord server, so jump on and join our community of grad students.

What is Discord?

Originally built for gamers but since taken up by millions of people, Discord is a group-chat community platform where users can join a ‘server’ and meet others around common interests.

Each server within Discord has its own members, topics, rules, and channels that allows students to connect using a range of super-functional chat, streaming and sharing options. 

The MGA server on Discord

It is an informal space where graduate students can meet with other students based on their faculty, course and interest. It includes heaps of useful channels where students can chat by text, voice or video. This makes it a great place to connect with your student community, meet up to study, share useful academic and non-academic information and support each other.

Check out the following channels on the MGA server:

  • Fun & Games has channels for students to chill out, play a game or watch movies live with other grad students. We want this server to evolve according to your interests, so if you want a new channel (it could be anything from baby owls to funniest studying memes) just let us know and we’ll make it happen! 
  • The MGA Hub is where you can find out how the MGA can help with all the student resources we offer, including giveaways, events and a free advocacy and academic support service.
  • Open Study Hall has channels like Study hacks, Study hall chats, a 24-7 Shut Up & Write or Just Lo-Fi Tunes. If you have a group project but your members are far apart, why not use one of our meeting rooms for easy 24/7 access to text, voice or video chat and screen sharing?
  • Your Peeps contains our faculty-based channels and community hubs specifically for Grad Dip, Master by Coursework, Master by Research and PhD students to find each other.
  • And if you want to connect with other graduate students on your campus or abroad, find your group in Your Local. If it isn’t there, reach out and tell us to set up a new channel! 

All students who join the MGA server will be asked to agree to our Community Rules to promote a safe and respectful user experience and if anyone has suggestions for new channels or anything else, you can easily drop your ideas in the Suggestions Box on Server Core.

This sounds great! How do I join?

Go to Discord and open a new account and click the button below:

If you are already on Discord:

  1. Select explore public servers compass on the left sidebar
  2. Select Student Hub – then join my school/uni
  3. Enter your Monash Student email address
  4. Receive your verification code via email and verify
  5. Enter your name
  6. Locate our Monash Graduate Association Server and hit join
  7. (The most important step)- Enjoy our server!

If you have any issues with joining up, please email Lisa on lisa.falla@monash.edu

Call out for volunteers!

Is Discord your thing? Because we are on the look-out for volunteer moderators to help manage the MGA server.

We are looking for people who know their way around Discord, or are keen to learn, and can help other students to get the most out of the platform while keeping an eye on their adherence to the Community Rules. 

This is a great opportunity to expand on your work experience and give back to your student community.


Please email leilani.duong@monash.edu for more information.