MGA Advocacy | HDR Updates: Submissions, milestones and leave

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March 2023: Catch up on the latest rules around submissions, milestones and leave entitlements. Here are the updates for Higher Degree by Research students.

New rules for thesis submissions

Not feeling quite ready to submit? You can now apply up to 6 months prior to your Thesis Submission Date (TSD) for a TSD extension, as long as you have completed your final milestone.  

Shift that milestone!

Is that milestone coming up too quickly, or are you so ready, it couldn’t come quick enough? 

If you want to move your milestone within 2 months on either side of its original due date, you no longer need to submit an extension application to do so.   

For part-time candidates, this period is within  4 months on either side of the original due date.

While MGRO will continue to send reminders as per your original due date, you can ignore these if you have confirmed a new due date with your faculty.  

Making your leave and milestones work in tandem

When taking leave, make sure you have all your milestone ducks in a row.

If you apply for leave before your original milestone due date comes up, all your milestone due dates will shift in line with your leave period.

If you take a period of leave after the due date of a milestone (e.g. you are 3 weeks overdue), your milestone date will not move. In this case, you will need to speak to your faculty/academic unit on your return to reschedule the milestone as soon as possible.

An MGA advocate is here to answer all your questions!

If you are confused about the rules and policies around thesis submissions, milestone due dates and leave, we are happy to answer your questions. We can help you understand your situation, no matter how big or small. 

This is a free and confidential service for all Monash graduate students.