We need YOUR insight: Calling graduate research students to share their wisdom

Are you a seasoned graduate research student who’s been through the ups and downs of academic life?

Do you wish you had known certain things when you started your journey as a graduate student? No, time travel hasn’t been invented and you can’t go back and do it all over again, but you could help new students avoid making the same mistakes!

The MGA is putting together a guide for new graduate research students compiled from experiences of existing and former students with the ultimate advantage: hindsight. We hope that this guide will be a way for new students to have important advice and information on hand without needing to have a chance conversation or learning that they could’ve asked their supervisor for an extension after they’ve already sent in a caffeine-bender-powered draft of their first literature review.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for real-life experiences, insights and advice from current research students covering a wide range of topics including:

  • Starting off your research journey on the right foot
  • Tips on creating and maintaining a great relationship with your supervisor(s)
  • Passing your milestones with flying colours
  • Coping with challenges like isolation and stress
  • Pursuing opportunities post-submission

How can you contribute?

Share your own personal – good and bad – experiences, anecdotes, and tips you wish you had known at the start of your research journey. Your story could provide valuable guidance to new students embarking on their research degree. Google forms links are below.

We would love to hear from you:

For any questions or further information, please reach out to Ash Finn. (ashley.finn@monash.edu)