Tips for organising residentials, courtesy of the MGA.

Residency requirements for research graduate students

See chapter 3 of the Doctoral Handbook.


Many supervisors organise visits from their DE grad students to fit in with semester breaks so that they can spend more time with them, without the distractions of teaching and marking. On the other hand, if students arrive during semester, they can participate in the faculty and university-wide seminars, workshops and social events that take place primarily during term. Work out the timing that best suits you and your supervisor.


There is no requirement for the university to fund your residential.  However some faculties are now making funding available to support DE graduate students to fulfil their residential requirements.  Ask your faculty if they are able to provide any assistance for airfare, accommodation and meal expenses during your residential.

Transport and accommodation

The Dandenong Airport Bus operates a service between Tullamarine Airport and Clayton campus. Monash operate a free shuttle bus service between campuses.

Short term accommodation is available at Mannix College.

Thinking ahead

A little bit of planning goes a long way.  Some processes can take a few days to activate, so get things moving before you arrive by applying a few weeks (or even months) before you leave.

Ask your school to prepare for your visit by:

  • allocating a desk, computer and room key
  • organising computer access and relevant software
  • registering your student ID card to allow after-hours access to the department
  • alerting other research students to the dates you will be in the school and encouraging them to visit you.

To ensure access to facilities and programs during your residential, you can: