Coursework Intermission

Once you have started your course you may need to apply for intermission. The rationale behind granting intermissions is to allow students time away from their study to give them an opportunity to concentrate on non-study related matters.

Intermission is normally granted for a period of no more than three months. Students can apply for intermission directly on the Web Enrolment System (WES) or by completing an Intermission Application form. You should always check your Monash email account for important information while you are on intermission.

If you wish to extend your intermission, you must re-apply in writing and the faculty will determine whether an extension is possible.

Sometimes extensions may be granted over and above the usual period. For example, a student may have had 3 months intermission for health reasons. Sometimes this period may be extended to allow a student to recuperate. The factors considered in granting an extension are whether, at the end of this time, it is likely the student will be fully recovered and able to return to study. If yes, the extra intermission may be approved. However, if it does not appear that the extra time will resolve the problem, it is more likely that withdrawal will be recommended until the student is in a position to return to studies.

Census dates

The census date is:

  • when you become liable for fees for the units you’re enrolled in
  • the last day you can discontinue without ‘withdrawn’ showing on your academic record (there are some exceptions)

If you discontinue a unit after certain dates, your academic record can show withdrawn or withdrawn fail. You should understand how discontinuation dates can affect your fees and academic record.

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