Course Quality

Any graduate student who is concerned with the quality of their course are welcome to reach out to an MGA advocate. Our advocates will be happy to outline options available or simply provide information.

As a student of Monash University, you are entitled to a professional standard of quality and care when it comes to the education you receive. This is especially important considering that students are often paying significant fees to access a Monash education.

Courses offered must be fit for the purpose in accordance with advertised material. Failure to live up to the standard may amount to misleading or deceptive conduct. The following examples, albeit not exhaustive, fall within the category of course quality concerns:

  • Lack of facilities or resources
  • Lack of feedback or timely feedback
  • Last minute time table changes
  • Outdated material
  • Poor teaching and lecturing
  • Uncertain assessment criteria

I am unhappy with the teaching in my unit/course, how can the MGA help?

An MGA Advocate can help you identify the issues and what your desired outcome is, and help you push for change in the way the unit or course is run. The advocate can assist you in navigating any processes that will help you in providing feedback or making a complaint. Contact an advocate today to find out how we might be able to help you.

Do you have a course quality concern?

Get some independent advice from the MGA by booking an appointment with an MGA advocate.

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To get in contact with one of our advocates, please book an appointment via email. Alternatively, you can complete the form below and an MGA Advocate will be in touch within 1-2 working days.

Everything you provide in the form is treated as private and confidential. Demographic data is for statistical purposes only.

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