For graduate coursework students, assessment acts as the main link between the learning outcomes, the curriculum content and the teaching/learning activities. If you have feedback or a concern regarding assessment – contact the MGA!

Revised assessment and coursework unit procedures from Semester 2, 2017

Monash University recently revised its approach to assessment. There is a new Assessment in Coursework Units Policy which integrates the ‘Monash Assessment Vision’. There are also procedures which accompany the policy. The MGA urges graduate students to take note of these new procedures that come into effect from Semester 2, 2017. More details are available here

Assessment concerns?

  • Failing a unit(s);
  • Lack of criteria for assessment;
  • Lack of timely feedback;
  • Placement difficulties;
  • Unfair assessment;
  • Unfair examination process;
  • Unfair examination questions;
  • Unfair timelines.

Get some independent advice from the MGA by booking an appointment with an MGA advocate.

Book an appointment with an MGA advocate

To get in contact with one of our advocates, please book an appointment via email. Alternatively, you can call the Clayton (9905 3197) or Caulfield (9903 1880) office to speak to one of our advocates.

Advocate for Clayton, AMREP, MMC and Gippsland:

Sunshine Kamaloni

James Breheny

Advocate for Caulfield, Peninsula, Parkville and Law Chambers:

Sarah Murphy

Ying Xu