Top five eExam Tips

The MGA team wishes you all the best with your upcoming exams! Here are the top five tips compiled by the MGA advocacy and academic support team!

#1: Read the rules

Read the eExams rules and instructions before your exam! If you breach a rule or instruction, you may get into trouble with the University. Read all about eExams rules here:

#2: Make sure you know the practical details

Think about all the details you need to know about your eExams. Here are some ideas to get you going:

  • Request clear instructions from your lecturer or tutor on how the exam will be conducted. Ask for a Zoom briefing session if required.
  • Have a backup plan in case of a power outage or if the wi-fi is not working.
  • Practise typing on your computer.
  • Log in half an hour before your exam is due to commence
  • Prepare eExam documents: name them correctly and add necessary headings.
  • Prepare your eExam environment in advance, especially if it is invigilated. Clear your study area of notes and other items that are not allowed.

#3: Communication is key

Use the “raise hand” icon to communicate with the invigilator right away if:

  • an emergency comes up or you are having technical issues during the exam. They can submit a report that can be used to support a special consideration application. 
  • something is distracting you during the exam (like your cat is dancing on the window ledge). In the past, students have gotten into trouble for looking away from their screen too many times.

Also, don’t hit mute on your invigilator! Instead turn your volume up high so you can hear the examiner’s briefing, time warning or chat message.

#4: Help and support is available

If you have any technical problem during your exam, call the Service Desk immediately and make sure you speak to someone. Here is the link:

Need to chat to someone ‘pre’ or ‘post’ exams? Reach out to the MGA’s advocacy and academic support team. Email us or contact the MGA Support buddy on WhatsApp (+61 497 131 698)

#5 Device and system set up

Check your devices and system set up meets the minimum requirements for running the eExam and online supervision software. Take note:

  • If you can’t do your eExam from home and live within 10km of a Monash campus (as per current COVID lockdown rules), you can come on campus and find a quiet space to connect to the Monash wifi. Allow plenty of time to find a suitable spot, as social distancing rules apply. You will need to wear a mask.
  • If you don’t have a suitable home environment, you can apply to sit your exam on campus in a dedicated exam room. Contact Monash Connect ASAP to get help.
  • There are very specific device specifications for eExams this year. If your laptop does not meet the requirements or isn’t working, you can apply to borrow a laptop from Monash University to take home. Contact Service Desk ASAP to get help.