Top Ten eExam Tips by graduate students, for graduate students

Get some practical tips for your eExams from those who have been there before.

Ahead of the Semester One exams, the MGA asked graduate students to let us know what they have learned from sitting for eExams. 

Check out the top ten tips below and learn from their experience!

This advice will help you think about how to prepare for your eExam so you can focus on what’s important – doing the best you can.

1. Make sure your laptop and phone are fully charged and you’re in a quiet space.

2. Have a backup plan in case of a power outage or in case the wi-fi is not working.

3. Practice typing on your computer.

4. Prepare your exam documents: name them correctly and add necessary headings and other information.

5. Turn your volume up high so you can hear the examiner’s briefing, time warning or chat message. 

6. Switch on your laptop 1 hour before the test just in case it does an automatic upgrade.

7. Request clear instructions from your lecturer or tutor on how the online test will be conducted. Ask for a Zoom briefing session if required.

8. Get your Moodle submission site ready.

9. Have the email address of your tutor or lecturer ready so you can contact them immediately if something happens.

10. Log into your Zoom account 10 minutes prior to your exam. 

And don’t forget, if anything goes wrong, the MGA is here to help. We’ll have an Exams Help Desk running from 22 June – 10 July, Monday to Friday, 4:00pm – 5:00pm. Drop in via Zoom for a free and confidential service.