Important exam advice from the MGA advocacy team

The MGA advocacy team have been fielding many questions and hearing your concerns about eExams and assessments all semester. With final assessments and eExams approaching, we have compiled some important advice from the team. Read on to find out more…


Make sure to familiarise yourself with the eExams rules and instructions well before starting your exam. If you breach a rule or instruction, you may get into trouble with the University. Read all about eExams rules here.


Make sure to prepare your exam environment in advance of the exam, especially if it is invigilated. Clear your study area of any notes and items that are not allowed. Remember that the invigilator can ask you to show your environment to them via the camera.


If you are unwell on your exam day, see a doctor immediately. Do not attempt the exam as it can disqualify you from a deferred exam. If you suddenly become unwell during the exam, let the invigilator know and ask to speak to a nurse online. Let the nurse know how you are feeling and ask to cancel your exam.


If an emergency comes up or you are having technical issues during the exam, don’t hesitate to communicate with the invigilator about what is happening. The invigilator can submit a report that can be used to support a special consideration application. If something is distracting you from focusing on your studies (like your cat is dancing on the window ledge) do let the invigilator know too. In the past, students have gotten into trouble for looking away from their screen too many times.


Sit alone, don’t sit with friends. We know it is tempting to arrange a time and place to do the exam together and sit near each other in collegiality, but you could be mistaken for trying to cheat. Also friends can be unintentionally distracting – we’re more in tune with how our friends are feeling so if one of them is stressed, it could make you feel stressed too!


Tell other people in your household that you are taking an exam and shouldn’t be disturbed. You should close and lock the door if necessary to ensure you are not interrupted during your exam.


Check if there is anything you need to install on your computer and do it early. You don’t want to waste precious exam time installing the required software.


Don’t copy and paste text. Make sure you use correct referencing when paraphrasing too. Similar to an assignment, your exam could be run through Turnitin so all the same rules apply!


Make sure to close any programs that may create pop-ups on your screen (i.e dictionary software).

Remember, if things don’t go according to plan, our advocates can assist with any academic concerns. Our regular Advocacy Zoom Drop-in Sessions from Monday to Friday, 12:00pm – 2:00pm will continue to run over the exam period.

We will also be running an Exams Help Desk via Zoom from 22 June – 10 July, Monday to Friday, 4:00pm – 5:00pm.

How can an advocate help? They will clarify the options that are available to you and depending on what you decide to do – they can help you pursue the appropriate action.

The MGA is independent from the University and all matters discussed with an advocate is confidential. For more about our advocacy service, please click here.