MGA Coursework Mentor Program

Looking for a way to find your feet in your new graduate student life at Monash? Join our program and find a mentor from your faculty to guide you through your first year.

What’s special about the MGA’s Mentor Program? 

Unique: This is the only peer-to-peer mentor program at Monash for graduate coursework students across all faculties. 

Flexible: The program is online and accommodates all first-year students, including those who are going into their second semester in Semester 1, 2021.

Personalised: Mentors and mentees will be paired by the MGA’s Mentor Coordinator based on faculty/department.

Structured: The program includes regular sessions to kick the program off, nine mandatory touch points throughout the semester and regular check-ins with the MGA’s Mentor Coordinator.

Engaged: Mentors will be well-prepared and trained for the program. Students can expect a high level of engagement and mentors can expect to receive excellent leadership skills development.

Guided: You will be in good hands. Mentors will be guided and nurtured by the MGA’s Mentor Coordinator throughout the program.

Interested in finding a Coursework Mentor?

The MGA Coursework Mentor Program is a 12-week peer-to-peer mentor program that is open to all new graduate coursework students enrolled in their first semester. Mentors can assist you to settle into university life by:

  • sharing their knowledge and experiences;
  • familiarising you with your faculty/school and University services;
  • providing general information about your course and the temporary online learning environment that Monash has set up (they can help where possible or point you in the right direction);
  • helping you build a student network (if you are new to Australia).

This program also offers an opportunity to develop your communication skills, increase your self-confidence and a chance to make lifelong friendships.

If this sounds like something you would like to be part of, please complete this registration form by Monday, 1 March, 2021.