Changes to HDR Casual Employment

Monash University is proposing to move eligible HDR students who are working casually (as tutors, research assistants etc) to a part-time position on contract. Is this good or bad news?

The MGA is aware that the University is negotiating with the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) about a proposed change to the way in which HDRs are offered employment, moving from casual to part-time periodic contracts.

The NTEU has provided some details about the proposal, which are available to view here.

Some may welcome this change in employment from casual to a part-time contract, as it provides a level of security. Others might be concerned that the contracts don’t provide the flexibility required to take time off for research work.

The MGA would like to encourage all PhD students to send any feedback or concerns regarding the PhD Periodic Employment Proposal directly to the NTEU ( and/or the University (

While the MGA does not represent HDRs in University staffing matters, feel free to contact our Graduate Research Committee student representative Emily ( if you have any questions or would like further clarification.