Academic Progress Committees – Calling all graduate coursework students!

Are you interested in volunteering some time to be a student representative on Academic Progress Committees (APC)?  This role comes with responsibility as APCs deal with students who are not making good academic progress.

You need to be:

  • a currently enrolled graduate coursework student;
  • willing to be called on to sit on a University decision-making panel which may run for a half or full day (hearings begin mid-August and may continue into September);
  • able to commit to a pre-hearing training session run by the MGA (approximately 30 minute duration);
  • appreciative of the need for confidentiality and sensitivity.

Why sign up?

  • It’s a fantastic opportunity to gain professional experience on a Monash University decision-making panel;
  • You will provide a vital student perspective on an academic panel;
  • Build connections across the University;
  • Develop high-level teamwork skills.

Further details:

  • APC hearings deal with students at risk who have failed some or all of their units  and may potentially be excluded from their course;
  • You will sit on the panel which conducts hearings from your faculty (for example, an Arts coursework student will sit on the panel to hear the case of an Arts coursework student);
  • Your role is not a support role for the student at the hearing. It is a voting role on a decision-making panel about the future progression of students;
  • You will hear from the student and deliberate with fellow panel members to decide the best course of action for them after considering their case and asking them questions;
  • Pre-panel training will be provided by the MGA (dates to be confirmed);
  • This is a volunteer role;

If you have any questions, contact the MGA Graduate Policy Officer Amy Barwick for more details:

Interested in being part of the APC hearings? Fill in the expression of interest form below.