Academic Progress Committees – Call for student members on APC panels

The MGA is seeking enrolled Monash graduate coursework students from all faculties to act as members on the Academic Progress Committees (APC) for 2022.

This is not an advocacy role but rather a decision-making role where, as part of a panel alongside faculty members, you must weigh up the evidence presented about graduate coursework students who are at risk of failing their degrees and determine if that student will be allowed to continue in their course or not.

We require five graduate students from each faculty who will be placed on a register and potentially contacted by faculties when a panel is formed. The MGA Senior Advocate will provide training to students who have registered their interest in being part of the APC panel.

Time commitment

  • Interested applicants will need to be available between the end of January to mid-March 2022, when most APC hearings will be held.
  • If contacted, the commitment for each graduate student would be for the duration of one full day of hearings (approximately 10:00am-4:00pm).
  • The actual number of hearings per day in any faculty cannot be confirmed until closer to the date.

Interested in being part of the APC hearings? Fill in an expression of interest form by Friday, 14 January 2022.

Further information

Monash University has a system for assessing academic progress for coursework students. Students who are not making progress may trigger the Academic Progress Committee process. Triggers include failing units, or placements but there are other triggers. Initially a student at risk of failing their course will be required to complete an online form so that Monash University can monitor their progress. Failing 50% of the course, or the same unit twice, will mean that a student will be asked to attend a hearing. MGA advocates support graduate students throughout this process including attending a hearing with them.

The decision of allowing a student to continue with their course or not rests with the Academic Progress Committee. The committee is comprised of academic staff but the regulatory requirement is that it must also have a student member, which for all graduate APCs must be a graduate coursework student. The rationale is that the student member brings a student perspective.