They Mean Bismuth

Winners for the third year in a row, team Let’s Get Down to Bismuth! slayed at the MPA’s Battle of the Brains trivia night last Thursday night.

On the fateful night of Thursday, 29 August, Let’s Get Down to Bismuth proved once again that they are a team to be feared and reckoned with – if you take your quiz nights seriously. Which they do.

Perhaps winning is all in the name… teams who call themselves Clueless 6 don’t seem to really mean Bismuth, do they? But in fact, the Clueless 6 took home the prize for being in the business of losing!

Winners and losers, and everyone in between had a great night. Quizmeister Chris got the Clayton Banquet Rooms in the mood with a range of video and music-based pop culture questions. Some of the enthused quotes overheard throughout the night were: “I’m here for the free pizza” and “I love Australian beer!” Glad we could be of service, guys!

And we have some good news trivia nerds… you can get in shape and start your intensive quiz training right now, because 2019 was the Bismuth’s last hurrah. Says team member Bekka;

“Our team will be retiring this year as most of us are submitted or going to be submitted very soon, but we’ve appreciated all the time and effort MPA put into these events. Thanks again, looking forward to seeing who takes home the trophy next year!”

Photos: Team Let’s Get Down to Bismuth! Winners three years in a row. In no particular order: Rebekah Duffin, Peter Bolling, Jamie Greer, Sarmi Munuganti, Matthew Flynn, Dimuthu Senevirantha, Jessica Lewis and Megan Herdman.