PSA from the MGA Advocates

Our advocates recommend that you do these two things before you go on your break!

1. Remember to re-enrol

Did you know that if you are a continuing student, you must re-enrol?

The last day of timely re-enrolment for graduate coursework students and graduate research students is Friday, 11 December.

After this, students will receive a fine for late enrolment.

Late enrolment ends on Monday, 21 December, after which students can be discontinued from their course for failing to re-enrol. 

Find out more on the Monash website.

2. Check your Monash student email during the break

What if you get just one important email about your academic progress in your student email inbox over summer?

Monash staff will use your student email to contact you if any issues with your studies arise. We recommend that you forward your Monash emails to your personal account to avoid unexpected complications.

How can an advocate help?

If you do miss an email or forget to enrol, an advocate will clarify the options that are available to you. Then, depending on what you decide to do, they can help you pursue the appropriate action.

The MGA is independent from the University and all matters discussed with an advocate are confidential.