Concerned about academic progress?

As 2020 comes to a close, the MGA advocates would like to remind all students who have completed their exams that there is an exam-viewing process.

Just click on your faculty at this link.

If you are concerned about your academic progress, don’t worry. There is a process and even if you fail units, Monash University will not take any adverse action against you during the University shut down period.

While it is possible to have your failed grades removed from your academic transcript, this does not mean you will be able to avoid the University’s academic progress process. Your faculty may still check in with you to find out what went wrong.

Keep checking your student email during the holidays and if you receive a letter about your progress, please contact us for guidance.

How can an advocate help?

If you do miss an email or forget to enrol, an advocate will clarify the options that are available to you. Then, depending on what you decide to do, they can help you pursue the appropriate action.

The MGA is independent from the University and all matters discussed with an advocate are confidential.